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Need help with your scientific writing?

Got a scientific article or a thesis in English? Need someone to read through it and give you comments? Lacking confidence in your scientific writing in English?

Whatever assistance you need with your academic writing, let us help you. You decide the extent of the editing and approve every correction, so it will be your text, all the way.

Let your research shine

With a PhD from Uppsala University and a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE, level C2), I am well prepared to help you. Having authored several scientific articles and a doctoral thesis in English, I understand the struggle you are going through.

Let me help you get your point across by checking your grammar, syntax, style, tone and language. I will make corrections and suggestions so you can feel confident that your audience will be able to read through your article or thesis from beginning to the end. To find out more about my working experience, click below.

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Fill in the contact form and we will contact you within one working day to offer a free cost estimate. Looks ok? Send us your document per e-mail and we will start working on it.


Your thesis or scientific article will be checked for spelling, syntax, and grammatical errors. It will also be checked for linguistic consistency.


Once proofreading has been done the text will be edited to improve readability. Suggestions on how to make your results and conclusions clear will be provided.


The checked document is sent back for approval. You decide which corrections should be approved and which suggestions should be incorporated.