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Do you need help with your scientific writing?

Scientific Writing

Are you a

Researcher Student or Scientist

writing in English?

Are you writing a scientific article, thesis or degree project in English? Do you want someone to read through it and point out mistakes or give you comments and feedback on your writing?
Having authored several scientific articles and a doctoral thesis in English, we understand the struggle you are going through. Let us help you get your point across by proofreading your text for grammar, syntax, style, tone and language errors. We will make corrections and suggestions so you can feel confident that your reader will be able to read through your paper or thesis from the beginning until the very end.
Whatever assistance you need with your academic writing, let us help you. You decide the extent of the editing and approve every correction. That means it will be your text, all the way.
To find out more about our scientific writing and editing experience, click below.

Do you need proofreading or editing services?


Do you worry about

Spelling Syntax or Grammar

in your academic manuscript?

Proofreaders check the spelling, punctuation and syntax. Originally, proofreading was done to ensure that there were no mistakes in the printed documents. The proof was the document that was sent to the publisher and the reading of the proof was done by proofreaders.

Today, it is equally important to ensure that flawless copies of your work are read by clients, potential customers, your colleagues, and bosses. Typos reflect poorly on the author and grammatical errors could cost you your next big job or a chance to publish in your journal of choice.

Our proofreaders will make sure that your copy is error-free and point out sentences you could edit to improve readability and clarity.

Make sure your work reflects the effort you put into it. Make sure that your writing makes a difference.


Do you want to improve

Disposition Clarity and Readability

but need help?

Whereas proofreading ensures that there are no spelling or syntax errors in your manuscript, editing will improve readability and clarity of your text. Editors make suggestions about sentences that can be improved, removed or added. Editors can also make suggestions about the disposition of your text – like where to break a sentence, how to structure paragraphs, and if you can re-arrange your text to make it easier to follow your chain of thought.

If you are wtiting an academic manuscript, we will give you an advice based on our experiences:

Before assigning a job to an editor, make sure that the editor is familiar with your field.

If the editor knows your field it will become easier to follow your arguments and spot writing errors. Someone who doesn’t know what you are writing about is less likely to edit your manuscript the way it should be done. This is why we will never accept an editing assignment unless we have the experience – so we can help you make your copy great.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


When you are done with your writing you can send us a sample of your text through the contact form to get a free cost estimate. If you are writing a manuscript or a thesis you can send your introduction. Tell us how many words you think the final product will have and if you have a specific deadline.

In return we will send you a swiftly proofread and edited version of your text using the MS Word review function. Based on this assessment we will give you a cost estimate and the amount of time needed to proofread or edit your text. When the terms have been accepted we will proofread and edit your full text in detail.

All corrections are done using the MS Word review function. It is your responsibility to go through the document and accept the changes and edit the text according to the comments and suggestions in the comment section of the document. When you are done you will have the opportunity to send the document back for a second review.

Some companies charge per word. Others give flat rates depending on the type of document.

We think these cost models are unfair. Instead, we charge per hour that we spend on improving your text. This means that you pay for personal service and that if you are a good writer you will pay less than a bad writer and that your price will not depend on the quality of work of other writers.

To get a free cost estimate for your manuscript, send us a sample of your text (maximum one page).

The amount of time needed to proofread and edit your document will depend on the type and subject of your manuscript, the quality of the original writing, and the availability of the proofreader.

Most essays can be returned the next day, while scientific journal articles are returned on average 48 h after we receive it. A thesis usually requires one week turnaround time. However, if the thesis is not finished one week before you need to submit it for printing you can also send it in parts (whole chapters).

Please contact us in advance to book a time slot for your degree project or thesis, so you can be sure that we can proofread and edit it in time.

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YS Consulting was founded in 2016. We offer writing and editing services, private writing coaches, courses, and writing workshops for students, researchers, and companies.

We are engineers and scientists with backgrounds in science and technology.

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Our clients are professionals and they should expect the highest level of professionalism from their suppliers.

If we don’t have the expertise you are looking for, we will let you know early on, so you can move on to other suppliers with minimal disruption to your operations.

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